Undergraduate Networking - I am co-teaching undergraduate networks with Prof. Peter Steenkiste this Fall. Please read the course website thoroughly for details.

Readings on Research - I am hosting a reading group on being a researcher for first year graduate students. To sign up for updates, times, and details, check out this doc.

PhD Students - I am looking for excited and motivated students to work with! Applications are due in December.


Justine Sherry is an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Her interests are in computer networking; her work includes middleboxes, networked systems, measurement, cloud computing, and congestion control. Her recent research focuses on new opportunities and challenges arising from the deployment of middleboxes -- such as firewalls and proxies -- as services offered by clouds and ISPs. Justine received her PhD (2016) and MS (2012) from UC Berkeley, and her BS and BA (2010) from the University of Washington. She is a recipient of the SIGCOMM doctoral dissertation award, the David J. Sakrison prize, paper awards at USENIX NSDI and ACM SIGCOMM, and an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Most importantly, she is always on the lookout for a great cappuccino.

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Wednesday Networks

Wednesday Networks is the umbrella for a loose confederation of networking research events and resources at CMU. We manage a Slack, an events calendar, and a reading group. We also have a monthly happy hour. Anyone involved in networking research at CMU is welcome to join us. Links below are only accessible to users with credentials.

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